Cubase 9.5 can it work on living room TV?

Hi all

I’m wondering if any nice peeps out there may give me some appropriate advice. I’ve recently injured myself and am therefore stuck to in my living room to recuperate for the next 8 weeks so. I’m gonna miss my music making as it is situated in my loft up a ladder! I had this idea to bring my computer down and attach it to my 4k 49" Sony TV. I’ve read that this is possible through an hdmi connection as my TV has the chroma 4:4:4 required. However I’m using Windows 10 and I’ve read worrying posts that the cubase graphics don’t work correctly due to issues with dpi upscaling.

Has anyone any experience using their living room TV and if so can this be workable or am I foolish to try this?

I would be sitting 4ft at most away on the couch using wireless and Bluetooth to communicate with my computer.

Thank you.

Yes this can work. If scaling doesn’t look good, you can set the resolution of the display to full HD 1920X1080 from windows. Your TV should accept this resolution.

Thanks for the reply. It’s a temporary thing anyway but no point if I can’t see anything.