Cubase 9.5 changing the tempo of a song ( automatic time stretch )

Hi everyone, hope you are all well. I’ve been using this time of Covid lockdowns and restriction to put together the album I could never get finished. In the process I have written new material and resurrected old songs. One of the songs I need to change the tempo from 90 BPMs to 100 BPMs. I forget how I did that in the past with older versions of Cubase. I thought it was just a matter of checking a box in the audio pool and set the desired tempo but I can’t find that option now. When I change the tempo all my audio file are out of sync. How do you change tempos now if you have old audio files in a different tempo? I am using Cubase Pro 9.5 with a MacBook Pro Mac OS 10.15.7

Thanks for helping, Dave

Wrote this recently, please check.

Hi and thanks for trying to help… When I click the check box for musical mode in the pool some of the track will either disappear or jump to a slower BPM… Really frustraighting ! There must be some audio preference setting that’s messing me up…

If they are already warped at a different tempo than project tempo, changing it will make such behaviour.
I.e., say you have a 120BPM song and audio events warped at different tempo, or realtime time stretched events that have tempo already set that plays in sync (like slow textures, polyrhythmic stuff, etc), to speed up this project, you shouldn’t change the tempo of these events.
If that’s the case, you can ‘bounce event’ (not export mixdown nor render in place) such events first, set projet tempo to newly created ones and enable musical mode in pool.

Thank you so much, I got it worked out…