Cubase 9.5 compatibility with Windows 10 build 1809

Are we ever going to see this now Cubase 10 is out?

I am far too committed to some large CB9.5 projects at present to risk upgrading to CB10 with all its early quirks.

CB9.5 is working pretty much perfect here and doing what I need, and well, but sooner or later Windows 10 is going to force the update from 1803 to 1809. I have updates delayed as long as possible in windows settings, but I’d still like to hear a statement from Steinberg about the certification of CB9.5 on Win10 1809.

How many here are running CB9.5 on 1809? Any issues?


I’d like to know too. I’m on one of the earliest Win 10 updates.

I’d like to know ASAP. Running 1803 until the 26th.


I was able to receive the last cumulative update for 1803 (KB4023057) and am now deferred until Jan 28th.

Cubase 9.5.41 Pro hasn’t had any issues with this 1803 release and update as far as my world goes…

Has nobody tried this combo?


This is quite important please Steinberg!!

Really Steinberg, I just checked the dates, and no reply from you on this in over 2 months!!!

Can we sort the fundamentals out first please.

Okay the official answer can be googled:

That said I run both 9.5.41 and 10.0.10 on Windows 10 Pro 1809 without a problem. 10.0.10 is performing better for me VST performance wise (more stable realtime and lower overall load), though a few graphical glitches appear from time to time (nothing that can’t be fixed by refreshing a window or resetting a window layout).

Also worth noting this is a user support forum, not a steinberg official support method. So try logging a ticket. Not saying it will take any less time for steinberg to update the web page I linked to but that’s the official method.

Yes, thanks, I’m aware of that page. I’m rather trying to gee up Steinberg into ratifying 9.5.x on 1809.

You say this is a user support forum. Well it’s address starts with, and Steinberg people are here, so why no response in 2 months?

This is a dilemma, as Microsoft will sooner or later force the update to 1809, yet at the moment I have an almost perfectly performing 9.5.21 on 1803.

I don’t think it’s too much to ask for Steinberg to test 9.5.x on 1809. Especially as it is still very early days for CB10 and there are noted problems. Why should I be forced to move to a system which is documented as being more problematic than what I have now?

I was just trying to assist by pointing out this is not official support. If you don’t wish to use official support then that’s fine. As to why no answer for two months, I would not know I am a fellow user trying to assist in the user forum. You may get a more timely response with a properly tracked support ticket. Steinberg host this forum but as it states on the forum terms this is not support.

Sorry I cannot meet your expectations.

So 9.5.50 is out, and still nothing in the change notes about Win 10 build 1809 compatibility. :-/

1809 (17763.316)
9.5.50 - everything works

OK thanks for that.

Still be nice to see the official sanction.

You just know if I update Windows and then have any problem at all in the future prior to official support, and then I have to file a bug report or have any type of problem, Steinberg will simply wash their hand of it, citing the unsupported windows OS.

That’s why this is important. I run a complex system, and can’t risk no support.