Cubase 9.5 crash after sleep mode


Cubase 9.5.10 crashes after my computer goes into sleep mode and "wakes"up again.
This also happened with the 9.5 (unupdated) version.
This does not happen with cubase 9 strange enough.

Tried restarting, reinstalling with the full 9.5 installer, but no luck.

Anyone else with this problem? Solution?

osx 10.11.6

Solution, for now at least. Don’t let your computer go into sleep mode.

:stuck_out_tongue: Good suggestion, should have thought about that!
For now i use shift+Ctrl+eject to turn of the screen only .

But I wonder if it’s a known cubase 9.5 issue or some issue
with my system.

It’s pretty annoying to leave your computer for a while and find that cubase has crashed.
Unfortunately I can’t pinpoint when this issue started to happen.
Never had this with any other version of cubase.

I think it’s been a long time recommendation/optimisation not to have sleep mode enabled with Cubase. Having said that on one of my PCs I do have sleep mode on but it has only occasionally caused crashes. I think it used to be a much bigger issue.

Thanks for replying.
I think it strange that cubase 9 installed on the same Mac does not have this issue.
Makes me think it’s specifically related to 9.5.
Maybe 9.5 uses more memory or it has to do with the new video engine.
Don’t know, not a major issue but still annoying.

Thanks anyway!

All kind of funny things can and will happen with computers going to sleep and that is for all programs.