Cubase 9.5 difficulty finding missing records

Hi All,

Ill make it a very short threat, I started a project and recorded some tracks, then realized that I’m in the wrong folder in my hard drive, I created another one and moved my recordings there, obviously cubase will not find it and will ask for the new location, so far so good …

In my case its not even asking for the correct location for the missing files, which is strange, but what is more surprising is in the pool I cannot manually link the missing track manually to where it belongs, I don’t see any use of the pool if this simple yet useful thing is not getting done, or maybe not done that easily.

I don’t have an issue creating a fresh project and drop the files and start over, but its a shame why we can’t resolve it from the pool.

Kind Regards


Use File > Backup Project function. You will be forced to select an empty folder. The whole project will be back upped to this folder and all relevant audio files will be taken with to the Audio subfolder.