Cubase 9.5 - downloading

Hi Folks,

I’m sure you already know this, but I’ll continue.

I was looking through my Facebook News Feed and spotted a post stating Cubase 9.5 is released. Beauty!

I went to the Steinberg Download Assistant and there it was. I downloaded and installed it. Opened C9.5 and was greeted with a message saying it wasn’t registered, eLicenser was blocking me. Oh! Must be more steps.

Went to the Steinberg Shop and there it was WITH a price! Hmmm.

Paid the demanded amount and was able to register CB9.5.

As always CB9.5 doesn’t know about CB9.0 so non of my settings, templates are there. Just how things are I guess.
My only real issue is that I wasn’t warned of a cost when downloading CB9.5 from Download Assistant. Nothing in the Facebook post mentioned a price.

Seems a little clunky.

Anyway, time to dig through CB9.0 to find those settings/templates.