Cubase 9.5 Editor Zone Bug

Zoomed out the main window with linked editor zone.

Content in lower zone ended up with negative bar numbers and nonsense content.

It’s not clickable on the left of the event start.

See screen shot.


Sample Editor cannot be linked with the Arranger area for zooming. Only MIDI editors can. Also the grid has different position in the Arranger and Sample Editor windows on your screenshot.

Are you sure, the zoom is linked?

Quite right. It is the transport cursor that is linked - both on Bar 1.

I have zoom set up on extra mouse buttons and must have zoomed out both windows.

To repeat the bug in this project:

  1. Select the “Take 2 (Backing Track_03)” Event - it displays in the sample editor.
  2. Regardless of main window zoom, zoom out the sample editor - content screen wraps with negative bar numbers to left
  3. Interestingly it does not do it on any of the other audio events.

I see, I got it now.

It’s actually correct. The takes are made as a linear recording in fact. It’s a one linear file, and Cubase decides it optically to the lanes. So once you open the 2nd take, you can see the whole file (same as always), what means, you can see event Take 1, with minus position value.

Ok… it may be correct (and with my comp sci background I understand) but that doesn’t make it right or desirable behaviour. Negative bar numbers are never going to make sense to a muso. Though with so many layered features in this evolved mammoth it’s perhaps to be expected that there are nuances of behaviour that require deep understanding of the technology.

I’d be very interested in your views on my earlier post on tempo detection freeze.

Thanks for responding.