Cubase 9.5 elements with 9.5 pro license...

I have Cubase 9.5 Pro license on my USB e-licenser in my studio. Can I use Cubase 9.5 elements on my home computer without USB e-licenser?

Thx in advance!

Only if you buy Cubase Elements. It’s currently not technically possible to grant you an additional Cubase Elements license that could be split from your Cubase Pro license.

Here’s a question… WIll my Cubase Pro 9.5 license run Cubase 9.5 Elements? This way, I can install something much simpler on my upstairs computer rather than having to install the full blown Pro version on both computers. Of course, I would insert my USB key into whatever computer I would be using at the time…


Yes, that’s possible. Though I don’t see the need for that since Cubase Elements is the same program with less features (but not resulting in much less menu entries) and the Cubase Pro installer is barely bigger than the Cubase Elements one.

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