Cubase 9.5 - export window too large for screen, please help...


I’m running Cubase Elements 9.5 on a Windows 10 laptop, 15.6" screen, resolution 1366 x 768 (the highest it’ll go).

The ‘Export’ window is too big for the screen but can’t be resized. This means that the export button appears underneath the taskbar and can’t be clicked. As a workaround, I can move the taskbar to the left, but when I click ‘File’ at the top, it opens the ‘Project’ menu instead. I’ve tried all the different resolutions on my machine as well as holding and dragging the ‘Export’ window as high as possible, but it still doesn’t fit.

Is this a known issue and does anyone know if anything can be done to fix it? I’m not especially technical but as far as I know, 1366 x 768 is a pretty standard resolution so I don’t understand why this is happening. I’ve attached a screenshot to try and show what I mean.

Any help appreciated, thanks.


You are at the minimum system requirements, which counts with the hidden Start bar. Export button is hidden behind the Start bar. Hide the Start bar, then you can reach the Export button.