Since the upgrade to 9.5 ( no issues before at all ) getting a random freeze when playing the music still plays but the screen is frozen in place and i cant interact with cubase so have use task manager, end task and reboot. Again no issues before the update, can we expect a bug release soon?

Crystal balls welcome if there is a solution.

Same here… Any solutions?

I’ve been having these issues as well. Contacted Support two weeks ago, no reply.

My iMac 2015 5K, 32GB RAM, SSD APFS instrument drive / High Sierra is freezing as well. Happens after reloading song, rebooting Cubase 9.5.10 and rebooting iMac. After about 20 seconds, I have access to Cubase, but this happens very consistently. In fact, this issue arose with only a couple of MIDI tracks and VSTi’s. No such issues using 9.x. Looks like time for another update.

I saw non-responsiveness from C9.5 when choosing anything from the MediaBay. With any file before the collection was scanned and during scanning when I choose a folder too big. Deleting the preference folder and allowing it to rebuild on the next start up was part of the solution. Perhaps try that.

Yup…mine is also Freezing in a couple of projects on start up and I have to use Task Manager>End Task and reboot Cubase too.

I can’t preview files in the right hand MediaBay pane…I have to Favourite a folder then navigate to the Favourites Folder and the Folder I selected as a Favourite and then open the contents before any of the contents will play back. Navigating to the folder on my drive in the MediaBay side pane will not open them.

There seem to be a lot of graphics card driver issues with windows 10 and DirectX12, and audio. Was told this by a gamers PC builder who still prefers windows 7. I had and cleaned all old AMD Radeon related stuff, and went for basic barebone installed by windows 10 itself. No gamers’ tuneup goodies especially; this fixed similar problems with Wavelab 9.5’s masterrig plugin… F

getting similars issue on my mac i5 32gb ram high sierra 9.5 latest build and crashing out constantly
no response yet rom tech hopefully anytime soon

I’m having the same issue and I have tried going back to earlier graphic card drivers, installing new ones and also rolling back Windows updates - still the same. On the current project, the freeze is easily re-produced by duplicating tracks using plugin- and/or channel strip processing.

What happens is that after the duplication is achieved all sorts of spooky stuff happens: the track gets record enabled and recording starts + certain VSTi hangs and start looping stuff. Without me doing anything. After a while, the sound card (UR824) hangs, probably due to feedback from the hung soft synths.

The system basically turns unresponsive and ctrl-alt-del can’t be triggered. Still, I can manage to get back to Windows and choose reboot.
A strange thing is that even when opening the project in 9.0 it seems that 9.5.10 has “contaminated” the system and the same craziness occurs.

Now; I am aware that all music tool developers are having busy days over at NAMM but this has to be addressed.

Ever tried running Cubase 9.5 in Windows 7 compatibility mode? That forces an odler DirecX version; when i do this with Wavelab 9.5 it seems all graphics GUI work OK, and i don’t have any stutters … F

Same here with 9.5.1 - not very stable and freezes often. Audio lanes are blacked out so comping impossible. Legato function not working for chords. Adio export is v slow. Using windows 10 with intel internal graphics on mobo.

Have reverted back to 9 for some projects which seems more stable. I didn’t notice as much freezing with 9.5. No reply from support in almost 2 weeks.Sometimes even opening up the help page takes ages. I would say its the least stable update I have worked with. I can’t see how to roll back to 9.5. Tried searching and no clear answer how to do this.

I will give this a go. Thanks!

Update: Just tried running C9.5.10 in Win 8-compatible mode and so far it hasn’t crashed. I tried the thing that would reproduce the issue every time and it didn’t freeze. I will do some more work with Cubase today and drop an update later. Stay tuned.
The only thing so far is that the eLicencer complains about not having all the administrative rights it claims when starting Cubase. Still; the DAW opens fine.

You could: - 1) try running as administrator, - 2) get the latest eLicenser driver (2222?), -3) Configure your “rights” here: “C:\Program Files (x86)\eLicenser\eLCC” on the exe file, -4) use takeownership on the windows folders program data, program files and also program files(x86), users … F

I have the same problem.
Artist 9.5 has been working fine for me since I updated.
Today I randomly got a couple of error messages when i tried to start up “Unknown Application not registered”.
Cubase still launched, but now it freezes everytime i hit play.

I’m running with an i7-6700K, 64 gigs of ram and a 1080 GPU, so I feel like this shouldn’t happen.

This just started happening to me…out of nowhere.

Turns out Cubase crashed on shutdown and the saved file would continue to freeze after 1 min or 2.
Luckily I had a .bak but lost about 20-30 mins of work… argghhh

EDIT: Nope…still happening. wth.

EDIT II: It was the ASIO-Guard!!
Once I turned it off it seems to have allowed me to continue…

Same here. Awful really and time consuming.

Should have bought hardware. Computers are really, really bad at what they are supposed to be doing.

Selling my studio gear and buying hardware only from now on.

Cubase help is as bad as pro-tools help.

Forget about it. Count your losses and go hardware.

Simon Connor

Windows 7 was always OK for me too. I was advised to use windows 10. Nightmare.

They don`t finish the program but the product is put out there to sell and fools like us talk on forums to help one another - we should be getting paid for this service surely!?

Simon Connor

There can be few reasons for that. First is the third party plugins. That may happen for example with the older version of AOM Invisible Limiter. Cubase always crash after closing the project, save-close Cubase procedure or sometimes even replacing the plugin with something else. It is caused by the faulty programming of the plugin not Cubase.
Another reason might be due to slow hard drives. Since I moved from my old Mac Pro tower to mode powerful MacBook Pro but with external drives I sometimes have issues with slow transfer between them and the computer. That causes freezing or very seldom crashing when Cubase is loading large waveforms or libraries from the external drive. I finally must upgrade from conventional to external SSD Thunderbolt drive.
The last thing might be related to your system. Since I’m on Mac not Windows, I can not help you with that. I will not tell you to switch systems but even my 10 years old MacPro is working flawlessly today with the latest plugins and software.

I hope that will help

I had the same problem but after reading the above posts, realized that it was one of my plugins that caused it all. Since removed, Cubase is back to purring like a kitten.