Cubase 9.5: Ghost copy doesn't work (alt+shift+lmb)

Cubase 8: Ghost copy works fine (alt+shift+lmb)
Cubase 9.5: Ghost copy doesn’t work (alt+shift+lmb)

Confirmed. I guess that the new shift-alt corsur positioning feature knocked out the ability to create virtual copies. Embarrassing own goal.
There is a work-around: Press ctrl-alt-shift and release ctrl while moving and you will get the virtual copies back.
But this is definitely to be fixed.

Edit (another solution from the german forum):
Press alt, move and then press shift addtionally. This will work too.

No need for a workaround… just click and hold the event/s you want to ghost copy, and as you’re moving the event press (shift+alt).

What is a ghost copy?

(and what is “lmb”?)

Thanks -

A ghost copy is a copy of a midi clip that is linked, so changes in one clip are reflected in the other clip.

lmb = left mouse button

Thank you!

Thanks much for this! I use this feature a lot, and am very glad to see there’s a very-close-to-the-original way of doing this.

Thank you!

Still a pain that it’s been changed, but at least the feature hasn’t been removed.