Cubase 9.5 + Halion 6 = No love

Very often, while trying to launch a project containing one or more instances of halion 6, cubase tells me that the host is not able to load the vst halion. That beats everything! I have to quit cubase then restart it to “possibly” be able to open my project. What can I do?

Same issue Im having… Were you able to figure it out apart from having to quit Cubase and restart every time? I also have a lot of sessions where I used HALion so you can only imagine how annoying this is. I really hope Steinberg is on it.

I don’t know much more for now, but I send a message via my Mysteinberg account because it seems that problems reported on the formum are no longer taken into consideration.

I just purchased HALion 6 on their Feb special. It seemed to install ok and I see it as a standalone software but Cubase 9.5 doesn’t see it. Not in the list. Is there something that needs to be done? I got a good price on the full version of the software but not working for what I need in Cubase.

For the original issue: Make sure that you’re using the latest version of Halion 6. AFAIK this was a Mac only issue.

Please don’t hijack threads with unrelated issues. Go to the Plugin Manager and check the folders your Cubase is set to scan. The Halion 6 VST3 should be in one of these folders. You can also trigger a plugin scan from here.