Cubase 9.5 incompatibility with the new Presonus audio interface Quantum2626 Thunderbolt 3

Hi ! There is someone who use Quantum 2626 T3 with Cubase 9.5 in Windows 10 ? I try hard but i can’t hear the microphone in headphones. I can record the voice, but i have no return in headphones. I try the same settings in Studio One 4 and it work very well. In Cubase …don’t work. After few emails with the Presonus technical support , they told me that is Steinberg problem. I have also an M-audio 610 Profire , and i can use it without any problem.
So…Please ! Someone use Q2636T3 with Cubase 9.5 in Windows 10 ? It work ?

I try the Q2626T3 with StudioOne4 and it work.

I had the same settings in Cubase 9.5 and don’t work. -

  1. There is no return of the voice (can’t hear the mic)
  2. I hear the backing track, can record the voice but not hear in headphones. (no voice control in rec)
  3. After record, i can hear both tracks: backing track and recorded voice track.
  4. The sound signal is not stabil . When i reproduce the tracks, the sound is interupted.

Did you ever get Cubase to work with Presonus 2626 with Thunderbolt connections? I’m about to buy one and wanted to know.

Did you setup connections properly?

Cubase Artist 7 with Quantum 2626 works quite well with Windows 10, Intel NUC, Tb3.

I add an extra channel for monitoring: same input to two channels, the other to record and the other to monitor. I also use Roomworks SE in both channels, but for monitoring I set the pre-delay to zero (since there is 7ms latency anyway). I use 128Mb buffer.

But … I have little noise in output channels, especially those attached to Behringer headphone amplifier. It is like there where too much gain in that, but the main volume of Behringer is small. Do you have any problems like that?