Cubase 9.5 incompatibility with the new Presonus audio interface Quantum2626 Thunderbolt 3

Hi ! There is someone who use Quantum 2626 T3 with Cubase 9.5 in Windows 10 ? I try hard but i can’t hear the microphone in headphones. I can record the voice, but i have no return in headphones. I try the same settings in Studio One 4 and it work very well. In Cubase …don’t work. After few emails with the Presonus technical support , they told me that is Steinberg problem. I have also an M-audio 610 Profire , and i can use it without any problem.
So…Please ! Someone use Q2636T3 with Cubase 9.5 in Windows 10 ? It work ?

I try the Q2626T3 with StudioOne4 and it work.

I had the same settings in Cubase 9.5 and don’t work. -

  1. There is no return of the voice (can’t hear the mic)
  2. I hear the backing track, can record the voice but not hear in headphones. (no voice control in rec)
  3. After record, i can hear both tracks: backing track and recorded voice track.
  4. The sound signal is not stabil . When i reproduce the tracks, the sound is interupted.