cubase 9.5 install to a new PC


I want to reinstall cubase 9.5 on a new pc, and have a key from last upgrade from 9 to 9.5

Wich key(s) do i need ?
Do i have to download full 9.5?


Elements, Artist or Pro (?) to fully answer the key question, if the latter two then your key is on your USB eLicenser.

Yes, you need to download the full 9.5.

If you ‘reinstall’ Cubase you won’t need any key, because it’s already licensed on your eLicenser.

Downloading 9.5’s light version (or whatever it is called) means, you won’t have most of the content at hand that came with previous versions, e.g Padshop, VST Transit, quite a few sample libraries etc.

Hope that helps.

Thx ,

I will try this