Cubase 9.5 is now available

after installing the update to 9.5, I could see that 9 is still installed. Is it required to run 9.5, or can it be safely removed?


It can be removed but many think it wise to keep it installed until one is certain that everything is working fine in the new version.

Can i see somewhere whats updated in the vst amp rack in this version ?

Nice update. Thanks.

Could you add a description on how to copy / import settings from Cubase 9.0 please?
I tried the profile manager but I am currently still missing at least:
Recent Projects
My Templates
My Presets for Control Room
(I will update this post once I find more, right now I am just truing to load my old pojects so that’s gonna take a while.

Hello, I have the following problem: I recently bought the upgrading of Cubase AI 9 to Cubase Artist 9.
Because these days are free to inform Cubase Artist 9.5, I was able to update Steinberg’s key to Cubase Artist 9.5.
The problem is that when I installed on my computer Cubase Artist 9.5 does not open at all, please I would like your help.

Agreed. I just saw another software company offer a more reasonable grace period of least three months (different type of application entirely). So while you would still be outside the grace period, you won’t feel as badly as I who am outside the grace period, having activated on Sept 17.

Moral of the story: wait for the .5 release every year. :frowning:

How is the 64-bit engine enabled?

I Totally agree the Grace or Grazy period is way to short. I bought mine C9 in the shop. Lucky i could update to 9.0.3, but offcourse within a few months i can pay for C9.5. It is not what you expect from a software company that is worldwide and also owned by yamaha. To me all versions within the main versions are free updates (should) be, and very very very anoiing CRAZY period that is very very very short minded and short timed!

And you know what next is for sure Halion 6.5! and i can get my wallet again out…

Didn’t you get Cubase Pro 9 back in June, half a year ago? What are you complaining about?

All i say when you buy a software version LIKE 9.xx you should get updates free within the version.
Next is i expected when i buy C9 in August 2017, the updates expected free within the version.
Last time C9.5 was updated i saw that 18 oktober was the last day for anyone, that was just 3 or 4 weeks.
When you buy something you dont expect that your free update period is only 4 weeks max.
But most C users and S users are prob used to paying for updates within the version.
This is not really usual in software land… :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :laughing: :laughing: :smiley: :smiley:

Nice update, one of the better ones in a while. My only gripe is still about those skinny scroll bars being difficult to use.

Is this something that you have to enable, or is it 64-bit by default?

You have to enable it. Go to this Window:

Contrary to what the manual says, the 64-bit mixing engine will actually reduce CPU usage most of the time, but it uses more RAM.

Just updated, awesome new features, great release!


What happened to GUI?
In 9.0.3 all was so nice, smooth, soft, light, good looking. Now - everything is so edgy, harsh, hard to look at, different fonts, stupidly colored menus, selections,…50% of color customisation is gone. Is it some unfinished coding or is it meant for real? I love the update with all stuff but this is driving me crazy

You’ll get used to it.

Well, that’s not what I expected as an answer…

— at Steinberg headquarters —
BOSS: “Hey, let’s make a new update!”
WORKER1: “Yeah, let’s make a bunch of cool new features!”
WORKER2: “Yay, and let’s make it look good so users can feel good when working!”
BOSS: “What? I don’t care about feelings, just make an update and make it fast, I need money for Christmas.” :bulb:

Softness/anti-aliasing will return (known issue).

The different color settings… I second Romantique there.

I’m sorry, it sounds interesting but I don’t understand what you’re referring to in the current thread. :question:

The same - my upgrade to Artist was activated 09_2017 and bang! 9.5 11_2017 with 1 month grace period, I hate U steinberg. :cry: