Cubase 9.5 is now available

The grace period was the same as previous years.

Compared to the outrageous prices Propellerhead Reason charges for upgrades ($129.00/€129.00), $59 bucks seems reasonable considering (most likely) more work was put into the Steinberg update than the new version of Reason. IMHO.

I just bought C9 in summer, i have an 9.0.30 update, does this mean after 6 months my bought C9 will not get any updates anymore ???

Almost all is okay. C9.5 works pretty well.
About grace period - I agree with many comments about strange grace period. I upgrade to Artist 9.0 in Oct.2. Grace period starts at Oct.17. So what? I miss all “black friday” offers too. Will wait for next year? No! I must work today. Last week I upgraded to Pro 9.5, because Artist 9.5 didn’t allow 80 tracks of audio.

Thank you Steinberg’s people. The best DAW I’ve used in projects. And this is more than 100 songs and compositions.

Best wishes!

P.S. I’m waiting for bugfix 9.5, Romantique Tp told that it will be released next (this) week. Only one reason - not to reach problems people talking about in Issues subforum :wink:

Hi. Bought the Cubase Pro 9.5 update from 9.0 yesterday through the Steinberg Shop site. Tried adding the Media Pack to the order but it wouldn’t let me. Why is that?

Hello guys ,I’m about to finally upgrade my daw.
I found a good priced cubase 9 pro educational ( I’m still studying) .
If I buy it now ,will I be able to get 9.5 pro for free as it is stated in the grace period section,or is it different with “educational” versions?

Yes, you’ll get the free update to 9.5.