Cubase 9.5 LE 3rd party plug-in issues

I recently download cubase 9.5 LE (Mac) and wanted to branch out in a new DAW. I have three simple third-party amp plug-ins that I want to use. They are Guitar Rig 5, Grind Machine 2, and Emissary. I have the Components and VST/VST3 copied for each in the necessity folders and are able to work in GarageBand. However, when I try to use any of third-party plug-in in Cubase, under (Studio -> VST instruments -> Add Track instrument) I can see only two of them (Guitar rig 5 & Grind Machine 2). When I click on any of them and “Add Track”, it does populate on the left side, but I am unable to click “Edit instrument” as it is greyed out. I have watched all beginner videos on how to use Cubase and read old forums, but nothing has helped. I want to be able to open the plug-in and use it, much like I use to in Garageband. I have no idea how to get Cubase to recognize my third plug-in (Emissary). Cubase already recognizes two of the plug-ins, but I can not actually open them. I would really appreciate the help as I want to transition out of Garageband and use Cubase. If anyone has answers to this issue please let me know. Thank you.

These plugins you’re trying to use are VST effects. I assume that you’re trying to use them with a real guitar.

You’ll have to use an Audio Track for that. Using the Inspector (the panel to the left), you can select the guitar audio input channel and apply your VST effects as Inserts.

Instrument Tracks are for virtual VST instruments. You can pick them using the panel to the right. Cubase LE comes with a bunch of free ones.