Cubase 9.5 Licence going to expire


I have started Cubase today to find a message on loading saying my licence is going to expire in so many hours, minutes etc. I have checked the elicenser and it also shows the licence has a remaining time. I upgraded my Cubase 9.0 educational to 9.5 when 9.5 was first released.

Any ideas whats happened and what I need to do.

Thanks. Mike


You should see this message only if you have time limited license (Trial or dedicated license for dealers).

Please contact your local dealer/support and provide the Activation Coffee to them. They are able to find out, what kind of license it is.

it has now disappeared from startup but in the elicenser under all applications it shows - steinberg non movable, time remaining, but under cubase pro 9.5 it shows full licence

i only have cubase on the elicenser, i dont own any other steinberg software


This message will appear one again, when you will be closer to the expiration date.

You should contact the support, to verify your license by the Activation Code.