Cubase 9.5 - no high-DPI support??

Am I missing something, or does the Cubase 9.5 update fail to introduce high-DPI support like Wavelab 9.5 did? I’m running two 4k monitors (so desktop is 7680x2160) so, I need to use a little bit of scaling which makes everything fuzzy. Meanwhile, Wavelab 9.5 looks and works amazing…


Which OS are you on? The latest Windows 10 Fall Creator’s update has solved blurry issues for me.

I’m running Win 10 with the Fall Creator’s update too… And the look differences between Wavelab 9.5 and Cubase 9.5 is night and day. Wavelab is sharp and crisp and scales great… mean while cubase 9.5 is just as fuzzy as cubase 9.

Can you post some screenshots so I can compare here?

No high DPI support.

EDIT: Waveforms should look smoother on Mac now, though.

I attached a sample, hopefully that comes through.

It’s the floating Pool window from a Cubase 9.5 project on top of Wavelab 9.5… you should be able to see the text in Wavelab is clean and crisp and Cubase is fuzzy.

It’s just disappointing. Why include high-DPI support in one product’s update and then not in the another one…

but all fonts should be high-resolution - that has nothing to do with high DPI support, this is due to the operating system. Am I right?

Yes, that’s how it is here. Unfortunately to be expected but for my system it was far worse before the Fall Creator’s Update. I couldn’t use scaling at all and had to run at a non-native res.

(@ Centralmusic) You’d think that, yeah. But, as you can see from the attached jpg (above), it’s not the case. With other programs, I’ve found that the text in menus and on the title bar displays fine, but text in the program and on pop-up windows (like the pool, mixer, mediabay, etc) is fuzzy. Of course, if I turn off windows scaling (which is currently set to 150%), all the fuzzy problems go away… but then the text is so small, you need to lean in to read it.

The thing is, they fixed this for Wavelab 9.5. But, they seemingly chose not to for Cubase 9.5…

(@ twelvetwelve) Thanks for checking. Hopefully they’ll address it in an upcoming update. Obviously they know it’s a thing becuase they specifically advertised it in the Wavelab 9.5 update as a feature…