Cubase 9.5 noise gate


Has anyone noticed the noise gate switching on automatically on the channel strip at all?

This has happened a couple of times to me in 9.5… add an audio tracks with fairly low audio, and the noise gate has been engaged.

When I turn it off and save, sometimes when I come back to the project, the noise gate is back on again.

It’s driving me mad!!


Are you on C9.5.10, please?

Are you talking about Audio tracks or different track type?

Make sure automation is not involved, or you don’t enable it by accident (by KeyCommand or MIDI message - Generic Remote Device), please.

I haven’t notice this.

I have noticed this as well. I thought it may have been related to a bad dynamic mic, but my AT condenser did the same thing. The only way I’ve been able to keep the signal from dropping due to the gate was to load a raw project. If I use a preset vocals will gate at low volume/signal.

Using Elements 9.5

Hi and welcome,

There is definitely VSTDynamics plug-in in the preset.