Cubase 9.5 not able to record audio

Can some one help me here? This is weird!

Since upgrading my OS with Mac Mojave I am unable to record audio into my Cubase DAW, and, for that matter, also WaveLab. My computer receives audio signals from my Presonus mixer in fine style but in spite of having my recording inputs set correctly for Cubase it just doesn’t want to know! What is also baffling, both Cubase and WaveLab send audio tracks back through my mixer without any trouble at all - just like they always have!

Has anyone else experienced this since upgrading to Mojave? I’d truly appreciate some help as I am an old fellow and not up there with this sort of technology.

Thank you, Foxtrot Delta


macOS Mojave has not been completely tested in Steinberg, therefore the update is not recommended so far. Please read this article.

Make sure the driver is up to date and compatible with macOS Mojave, please.

Can you monitor the signal thru Cubase? If you enable Monitor, can you see the meters? Are you sure the signal is not recorded? Or is it just not drawn (the waveform)?

What Mac do you own? Do you use a new iMac (iMac Pro) or the latest Mac Book Pro generation? Please add some details to your signature.

I was just about to install Mojave and had a hunch I should check here first. I’m running Cubase 9 has this issue been resolved?

Issues have not been resolved at the moment, check the FAQ or website. I had stupidly updated to Mojave and found that Cubase (9.5 pro) didn’t get audio signals (in or out), same as you Foxtrot Delta and many others.

By accident I found out that when you change your VST audio device to f.e. Build-in Audio (also switch to that ASIO Driver) and then back to your actual audio device it somehow triggers Cubase to refresh or activate the ASIO driver and Audio device. While switching let your project play. It can sometimes take some time before it kicks in again, but I got it to work by doing this. I do have to do this every time I’m going to work with Cubase or Switch to another project, but at least it is working and I can record and play back.

Hoping that the awaited update to Mojave will be out very soon!