Cubase 9.5 paid update

Hello everyone. Was wondering how I can I upgrade my current Cubase 9 Pro license to 9.5? I am happy to pay for it but I do not see this as an option in the Steinberg online shop, only Cubase 10 is offered. I run windows 7 which is not supported by Cubase 10.

Can anybody give some direction?


As answered many times on the Forum:
-You can no longer get an update to an older Version officially
-A Cubase Pro 10 License will allow you to run Cubase Pro 9.5 also.
-The installer for Cubase 9.5 is available via Steinberg support.

Hello Yosef Why can’t you just download the 9.5 Update? :confused:

Cubase Pro / Artist 9.5.50 · Update · 605 MB

I’m bought Cubase Elements 9 and downloaded the Update from this same page. :smiley:
It’s free according to Steinberg on that page. :nerd:

Have a good day friend! :smiley:

The update from 9.0 to 9.5 is not free. You Need a License for it. As you can also see fom the page you linked, it is from 9.5 to 9.5.50.

Thanks you for the information and I am sorry you seem annoyed by my question.

I’ll remain on Cubase 9.0.4 until I build a new machine next year, makes the most sense.


Yes, sorry for the confusion. I have version 9.5.