Cubase 9.5 Plug In's Removing Themselves from Session

Upgraded with reformat and 9.5 from 7.5.

Windows 10 Pro 64 bit.

Upon opening sessions plug-ins have removed themselves from the track inserts on the session. Attempt to reinstate the plugin on the track and nothing happens. I’ve spoken to several other pro-users who have never experienced this.

Is this an error thats within older corrupted sessions that’s carrying over or fundamental issue with my plug ins?

Nothing is cracked but it is affecting all my UAD (have most recent update), my up to date FabFilter Total Bundle, and most of my Waves.

Any advice would be appreciated. I’ve spent around $2,000 upgrading Cubase, repurchasing and updating plugs in.

There are known issues with Windows 10 and max number of dll’s that a process can open.

There is a good helper plugin to tell how much fiber local storage(FLS) you have left:

It sounds like you might be down to zero - from the default of 128.
It’s been a known issue for years now.
It’s been said Steinberg and others are working together with Microsoft on this, but no go so far it seems.

I have 99 free slots just opening Cubase, and with a full project usually down to 96 free with mostly Waves stuff, which thanks to their shell only use one slot not depending on how many plugins you use,

Thanks Larioso for such a fast reply.

I’ve been talking to Dan Korneff, who run’s basically the same set up as I do (granted with a beautiful SSL G+), and he’s never experienced this or heard of it. Downloading the FLS Checker now.

No problem, you are welcome.

I read that Cubase hub consume some extra, but there are really bad cases like Arturia AnalogLab that used about 40 or so.
So it can depend on what you use.

Yeah my mixes are quite plug in intense. Especially once all the VST’s get firing. From what I gather this hasn’t been addressed?

Should I downgrade back to Windows 8 Pro?

Try the fls tool before you do anything else.
Try opening an empty project, do the plugins open there ?
Are any of them blacklisted?
Are the all 64Bit ?

I did, and it has been very helpful.

New projects are fine. It’s only my more intense large scale mixes that are plug in intensive that are having the issue which is why it’s safe to say it’s the FLS issue.

Only plug in that is blacklisted is VocalSynth2 and Valhalla suite for some reason, and this is only 9.5. 7.5 allows these plug ins to work as expected.

The only plug in I have that is exclusively 32bit to my knowledge is CamelCrusher (cant live without it) and that seems to work fine in 9.5.

So if you click update on the FLS plugin, you get zero ?
Microsoft have not addressed this issue yet, and if it will be, we will have to wait for the W10 spring update to find out.

Hi All.

See here: