Cubase 9.5 Pro and Yamaha PSR-S775 issues

For years I have been working out my arrangements in Cubase to play Yamaha styles. I record the bass chords in Cubase, send them to the keyboard set with the external clock and play back the styles for recordings. I upgraded from the PSR-730 a while back and discovered that the S775 was a bit more complicated, but it worked out.

Recently I upgraded to a newer version of Cubase. I can send MIDI both ways just fine, use the keyboard to trigger VST instruments and play back MIDI files with the S775, but I cannot play the same bass chord MIDI files from the same songs that used to trigger the styles anymore. I have tried every possible setting in the keyboard and in Cubase. I set the accompaniment and the sync start, start the cubase file, the light goes off like it normally does but no sound. I have went back and forth between the old VST5 and Cubase SX3 and 9.5 Pro. It only works in VST5.

The annoying thing is that I did stumble on a solution once a month or so ago, and it was fine. I cannot find my notes if I did write it down. Can anyone help me?


For anyone interested, I found what I needed in Cubase 9.5 settings. I had to set the synchronization to the proper midi port. This was not required in my previous version.