Cubase 9.5 Pro / sunddenly , No sound Vst but input signal is on


I wrote because I could not solve everything after I searched my computer for a week.

I don’t think I can solve the problem all over the world.

I ask for your help …ㅜㅜ

Obviously, I was using it well, but when I tried to use the sampler control function, I dragged out the wave file and clicked on the keyboard, it went down the drain.ㅜㅜ

First, we are using the cubase 9. 9.5usb keystation 88es keyboard / Tascam us-122km2.

picture in here


Where does the audio out signal comes from on one of the screenshot?

On another screenshot I can see incoming MIDI signal without any outgoing audio signal. Can you see the incoming MIDI signal in the Instrument track (MIDI Monitor plug-in)?


I’m having similar problems too. But more regularly if I use Dorico, after having opened my sketch template in Cubase. Similarly, if I had opened a session of Kontakt 5 (as standalone - not in DAW) in order to provide sounds for my MIDI keyboard when using Dorico.

The problem does not appear to happen if I use sounds in Cubase or as standalone & work with Sibelius opened.

Something must be happening between Dorico & Cubase if both are opened in the same session.


Do you have both Dorico and Cubase opened at the same time? One ASIO driver cannot be shared by multiple applications.

Good Morning,

Yes. I had them both opened a the same time. I did not realize that I cannot have Dorico & Cubase sharing the ASIO driver at the same time through AudioBox 22VSL.

But I thought that Sibelius would share an ASIO driver with any standalone sample library (equally via Presonus AudioBox) in order to provide sounds to my MIDI keyboard - & free Sibelius for notation/playback purposes only.

Many thanks, Martin, for your prompt & informative reply


Sibelius might be connected via ReWire to Cubase. Then only Cubase is using the ASIO driver.

Hi , same issue , No Dorico or any programme sharing the ASIO drivers , Only Halion 4 and Halionsonic sound out put dies out after several minutes of playing … done all the maintenance thing n all… no solution … so far …


As it was written already: One ASIO driver cannot be shared by multiple applications.

Thanks Sir , but as written above , No Dorico or any programme is sharing the ASIO drivers .( i dont even own Dorico) . only Cubase … the issue happens in both versions of Cubase 8.5 and 9.5 … only one version running at a time… the problem lies some where else… it is only with Only Halion 4 and Halionsonic , groove agent 4 runs well , n other 3 rd part VSTi runs well…


Sorry, I overlooked your comment. Could you try to reinstall HALion and HALion Sonic, please?

Can you see the incoming MIDI signal to the HALion/HALion Sonic, while no sound? Can you see the signal on the output meters in HALion/HALion Sonic? Can you see the signal on the output audio return meters in Cubase?

yes , signal incomming is there , ill try a reinstall thanks