Cubase 9.5 pro to cubase 12 pro

using a mac with Catalina os. obviously cb12 doesn’t support catalina but have been told i can install back to like cb 10, 10.5 or cb 11.

i just can’t find were to go to pay for the cubase upgrade i think its apparently $298 AUD

You can only update to Cubase Pro 13 as of now. If things haven’t changed from 12 times, you will get a Cubase 11 license on your USB-eLicenser and also your dongle-free 13 license. You can still use 11 or previous versions with the dongle plugged in (until the eLicenser software will not run anymore).

Cubase: Music Production Software - DAW | Steinberg

You will be able to install whatever older Cubase version you want with the 13 license if that is what you are asking - the license is backward compatible, just install the versions from the steinberg downloader.

Hi guys,

Thanks for the info.

I did know that you had to download to the latest version only but just forgot that 13 has just been released which ofc means the latest lol.

One thing though and no doubt there’s a simple reason why buy when I go to that area that’s in that pic mine comes up at $298 not $198.

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Also 1 other question. So I’m stuck with Catalina. Mac can’t go any higher and I’m not in a position to buy a new one.

So out of the versions of CB I can backwards install is there any of the versions of 11, 10.5 or 10 that are known, proven or people’s opinion that run best with Catalina?

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