Cubase 9.5 Pro - VST 3.x Plug-In Scanner Master has stopped working

Hi All,

New here. I’ve waited for Steinberg for a month regarding this issue so I thought I give it a shot in this forum:

This is my problem abd the question I sent Steinberg:

“VST 3.x Plug-In Scanner Master has stopped working”

At startup I get this message every time. At the same time my Waves Plugins doesn’t show up in Cubase (Which clearly are VST3-plugins). I’ve uninstalled all Waves plugins, Waves Central and what have you, still the same issue.
Is there a log-file I can send you to make troubleshooting easier?
Is there a “bad” plugin somewhere making this happen?

Running Windows 7, a RME Fireface 800 v.3.123 Hardware rev. 2.77

Grateful for answers.

Hi and welcome,

Make sure your Waves plug-in are up to date. Make also sure you are using 64-bit version of the plug-ins. Can you see the Waves in the Blacklist in Cubase?

A harmless thing worth trying: in Windows, try to uninstall Cubase but pick the “Repair” option. Do not fear, it does not alter anything major, but often fixes little quirks.

If you have not tried it, delete your Cubase preference folder. (Perhaps rename a copy and delete the original.)

Then restart Cubase. The preferences will reconfigure.

Still got the same trouble. All waves plugins are up to date, I´ve de- and reinstalled Waves Central center and the plugins, I´ve also de- and reinstalled cubase 9. Still same thing: the plugin scanner master stops in the middle of action, the waves plugins are on the blacklist and I can´t reactivate them :frowning:
Don´t know what else to do…


Could you share a screenshot of the Cubase black list screen? Maybe we will see something.



Try to remove all Waves 32 bit plug-ins from your system completely.

how to do? just remove all the 32 bit. dll in every folder I find them? :roll_eyes:


Deleted all 32 bit data as you recommended - sadly without any effect…

Could you ask on the Waves forum, please?

I’m out of any idea. And from my point of view, it had to be on the Waves side. The plug-in is crashing while checking it in Cubase, or fail.

Well, in the meantime I phoned with the Waves support and they also checked my PC over Team Viewer remote. They told me, everything seems fine so far regarding the plugins. Though they see the problem in Cubase. So I deinstalled Cubase again and reinstalled. I noticed the same problems again, including the VST 3 scanner crashing. But it shouldn’t after a complete reinstall, right? Or are there files which don’t get deleted automatically with the deinstallation? Or is this a a windows problem? (win10?)

Yes, there are files, which are not deleted, Cubase Preferences.

%AppData% Steinberg / Cubase 9.5.