Cubase 9.5 Pro/VST Connect SE cannot connect to a friend


I’ve decided to give this functionality a try wanting to record a guitar played 75 km away from me.

There’s a Windows10 Pro on both ends installed on the lap tops (mine Core i5/6GB, his Core i7/8GB).
I run Cubase 9.5 Pro, the other guy installed latest VST Performer downloaded from Steinberg.
I tried to follow the instruction:

  1. New empty project
  2. VST Cloud -> VST Connect SE

Here I’ve found the first difference to the instruction: the Add Talkback option is greyed out
Checked the routing, saw that talckback is correctly routed to the Mic input of the interface and decided to try to connect with the other guy.
We logged in, found one another, sent/accepted friendship requests.

Here’s where something went wrong: when me or him tried Connect to a friend nothing happened. I continued to see myself on the screen and he just saw him. No error messages, no nothing. Is there a log somwhere that I can check or send to the support?
Assuming that this means that connection was not established we sent some time going through the steps from the begining with no success.
At some point we realised that the applications on both ends perform rather slowly. For me it took 10 sec or more to switch between Find and Friends tabs, same to switch to settings page.
I checked the connection speed at, it showed around 30 Mb/s for the upload and 40Mb/s for the download.

Later I’ve plugged in ethernet cable (previously we’re using WiFI connection) and tried the plugin on my own - just clicking through tabs, trying to find users. The overal performance of the plugin is as slow as it was.

Could you, please, advise how to figure out what we’re doing wrong?
I’m really looking forward to this functionality an dwant to make it work asap.

Thank you.

Usually, connection speed is not a problem, more important is connection quality, but connecting should work in every case.
When you are connected, at least 4 of the 6 status LEDs show either green or red very clearly, so I assume you are not connected.
You might want to try the connect via key code option instead: click the key symbol in the top right login section after you started VST Connect. Let the performer type the key number shown and hit connect, does that work for you?

I will try it and post an update.
Thank you.

We’ve just tried with cable plugged in.
No luck.
But this time we both getting the error: Sorry, connection failed: no reply. Please try again later.
Is this a network issue?

That’s strange. Did the Performer initiate the connection (did he push the “Connect” button)?
The message says sort of “The connection server has given both parties their adressess. They try to connect now but at least one side does not reply”. This happens with restricted firewalls, however there is a bridge server taking care of such situations which is always publicly reachable - unless one or both side have special restrictions (additional “security” software, firewalls etc). You don’t usually need such extra “protection”, if either of you have installed such applications try to de-activate it.
If it still fails, I can try to narrow it even more, but then I need the names that you have written in the connection boxes (and the time when you tried).

Well. It finally worked… almost.
We see each other, he (performer) can hear me talking and my audio played. But I can’t hear him, although I see the volume bar jumping when he speaks.

You hear the Performer via the VST Connect Monitor plugin which should be located in the Control Room following the Monitor channel. If you listen via headphones or other than default monitor, you may have to move that plugin there, always after the Control Room Channel that you listen to. See for an in-depth explanation.

Thank you, very much.
The case was me not adding Headphone output to the Control room in Audio connections.
Works fine now.

I try to connect like u and now it`s working fine. And i finally can enjoy that show kids shows in vegas with my family