Cubase 9.5 project close problem

On a number of larger projects, when I close the project Cubase 9.5 just hangs. It seem to close the project but then task manager just reports Cubase 9.5 is not responding. I left it for an hour, came back and nothing had changed. The menu bar does not respond and I have to close it with task manager.

I’m not convinced this is down to a 3rd party VST as one of these projects only uses stock plugins.

This is actually a recent clean install on this studio PC too.

Any help appreciated.


Most probably this is plug-in related. Most probably one of the plug-in is not released from the memory correctly. But if course it’s hard to guess and find out, which one could it. It takes time…

Even with stock plug-ins ?

It shouldn’t be the case, I hope.

It seems to be on larger projects (more tracks, more plugins).

There are a few points…

One of the projects this happens on is only using the stock plug-ins.

I created a test project yesterday that uses all the VST plugins (every single one, a few instances, 3rd party too) on some tracks and it closes fine using that. This is, though, obviously not a large project in terms of number of instances and track count.

I have other large projects (some larger) in Cubase 8.5 and 9 but I have not had this issue with C8.5 or 9. The same VSTs are also in use in those projects.

That and the fact that this happens on the project with stock plug-ins leads me to think that it’s perhaps not down to a 3rd party plug-in in itself.

It would just be nice for it to close properly, without having to resort to Task Manager to close it. There’s no sign of the project being open at the point C9.5 freezes. From what I can tell, the project is saved okay etc, but that does become a worry as you begin to lose confidence in it.

I know this problem. I wrote a little programm to kill cubase everytime this happens.

Open Notepad and write:

taskkill /F /IM Cubase9.5.exe /T
taskkill /F /IM Cubase9.exe /T
taskkill /F /IM Cubase8.5.exe /T

Cubase 9 and 8.5 are optional. Just wanted to show you how it works with more than one cubase versiosn. You can kill every .exe program you like.

Now save the file with the ending .bat something like “Kill Cubase**.bat**” Now you can create a shortcut to the desktop if you like. If you want to put the shortcut on the windows taskbar you have to change one little thing. Open the settings for the shortcut and write in the Target: tab %windir%\explorer.exe[SPACE] before your initial target. Also delet the " before and at the end of your initial target. so it looks like:
Target: %windir%\explorer.exe D:…\Kill Cubase.cmd
After that you are able to put the shortcut on your taskbar. You can also change the symbol if you like.

I know this isn’t the best solution but Cubase gets stuck almost everytime I close it. With this solution I don’t have to open the taskmanager everytime. I just click one Icon :slight_smile: