Cubase 9.5 & Reason 10 - ASIO Guard Rewire Crackles

Just checking to see if anyone else has noticed this, if it is unique to these version combos, or if this is just some peculiarity with my system. It looks like when I have Reason Rewired into Cubase I get somewhat frequent/consistent but very light and not too imposing crackles in the real-time audio. If I disable ASIO Guard in the studio setup, they seem to go away. It does not appear that there is any CPU spiking happening. Is it recommended to disable ASIO Guard when using Rewire? I haven’t Rewired the two in quite a while but I am looking to try again since some of the new devices in Reason 10 are so compelling (but I still can’t stand their mixer or sequencer). Has this been a thing since ASIO Guard was added to Cubase?

I should maybe also report that I don’t get these crackles with ASIO Guard enabled while not Rewiring Reason. I also show 125.35 microseconds max DPC latency on a 2 minute run of LatencyMon 6.50 and it has the green “appears to be suitable for handling real-time audio” message.