CUBASE 9.5 spectrum analyzer bug

When check db in spectrum analyzer the values on Y axis shows some wrong numbers ,kind -381,5 db and similar.Anyone else with this ?

Can you help me, which spectrum analyser? I have a fresh 9.5 installation, though I thought it must be there, I cannot find it…where should it be located and what’s again the name?

Thanks! I will try to reproduce.

Oh, and which OS?

He’s probably talking about this:

Yeah, that’s maybe it :slight_smile:
Just can’t see anything unusual with it right now.

What I was mixing up with was CurveEQ which has an analyser live view too :slight_smile:

Yes I am talking about this analyzer,when you check an audio file and go to Audio many and select Spectrum analyze Y axis shows some strange number when you check db .This is the pictures of analayer in cubase 9.0 which is ok

and the same file in cubase 9.5 which shows some strange numbers on Y axis.

Please check this ,does it shows to you or it is only my case?Thanks in advanced.

Hi, I’m having trouble after installing the update cubase 9.5.41 , and the Spectrum Analyzer will bug - Does anyone have this problem or a solution to the problem?