Cubase 9.5 takes up 64.9 GB

My Cubase 9.5 takes up 64.9 GB of hard drive space. Is this normal? I can’t find the file size info for Cubase anywhere so I don’t know. See attachment.

I sent Steinberg a picture of my C drive files showing the memory that Cubase took up. After a month they responded but didn’t say anything was wrong. But they did say that I could delete programs as normal from the Windows Uninstall program feature if I wanted to. So I assume everything is fine, but am not sure.

I don’t see an attachment.

The Cubase specs says you need 18gb of free HD space.

Check your computer apps and features area to see if you mistakenly installed the wrong software. If so… delete it and start over.

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Here is the attachment of Cubase memory usage as 65 GB, although it looks like the correct figure is nearer 80GB. For some reason I could not post as a jpeg (“undetermined size”) .
But on my apps page, the memory appears as just over 10-20GB. Yet a massive chunk of my 250 GB hard drive is taken up.

In the 65 GB picture it also shows Cubase Artist. But I can’t get rid of it because it isn’t listed in the programs, it is listed only in the memory usage tree. Even if it was listed there is no option to uninstall all of Cubase as it is fragmented in lots of little apps and other bits. There is no single uninstalll button.

This is just your downloads folder though isn’t it? should have installed Cubase to your programs folder and then you can delete the installer if you don’t have space.

You have an installer for Cubase Pro and another for Cubase Artist…these are the exact same installer. You don’t need to uninstall it, just delete it from the folder.

Hard to be sure from just this screencap what’s going on but it all seems a bit confused to me.

Here is a more expanded version showing my 60-80GB Cubase 9.5 (with no extra’s) program. If you look at the top AND bottom you can also see the Cubase program. Please copy the link and paste it.

Also my Cubase isn’t working properly and I can’t just delete any of it. It might have vital files and there are loads of apps. And there is no uninstall button. No help from Steinberg who took 5 weeks to reply saying to just “uninstall”. Uninstall what and how?? Anything that says Steinberg?
This is a nightmare.

The “link” you provided does not work.

As a last resort, if necessary you would uninstall your CB from your computer settings>apps & features menu.

You need to provide some specifics for us to assist. And a screenshot of the files you are talking about would help.

As Grim mentioned… some of those files do look like copies of the CB installer which can be deleted (by right clicking/delete) but, please share a better screenshot before deleting.

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It would appear that someone with access to your computer :wink: has downloaded much of the content available through the Steinberg Download Assistant which is installed on your machine. The folder named WIN64 was the giveaway- that folder is created by the S.D.A. to store the installers you download to disk. (not really sure the OP is reading the replies)

In desperation I have deleted 80GB of cubase programs and the only cubase left now is in the programs folder, unless there some cubase’s elsewhere that I can’t see. I couldn’t provide a screen/snip shot because the forum program says that it cannot be estimated for size, and stops it being posted… I’ve tried everything to post a picture. Something worked once but then I forgot how I did it as it was long and involved.
Now I have to work out how to uninstall cubase properly as there is no uninstall button.

The computer hasn’t left my living room and no-one has access to it except me. How would they get on my computer to pinch Cubase?

no-one is suggesting a third party has downloaded that stuff…the person with access to the computer is you.

When you say you don’t have an uninstall button for Cubase what exactly do you mean…no programs have anything I would call an uninstall button. Have you looked in Windows add/remove or programs and features (depending which Win version you’re on)

Easiest way to post a picture imo is to host it at imgur and use the bulletin board link.

Uninstall using the Windows uninstall option which you can access via the Windows Control Panel. This is a pretty standard way of uninstalling from Windows these days.
You haven’t told us your Windows version so I can’t describe it more fully (slightly different in Win 7 & 10).

I don’t think anyone has suggested anyone has pinched Cubase. Steve was pointing out (with a wink) that someone with access to your computer had downloaded much of the content using the Steinberg Download manager as evidenced by the screen grab you provided.