cubase 9.5 trial activation issue

i have encountered a major problem during the activation of cubase 9.5 trial in windows 7, after entering the activation code and have registered in the eLicenser control, the application “cubase 9.5” still telling me that there is no activation code, although i have done all the maintenance required for the eLicenser, plz find attached a picture that shows my problem

plz help!

Hi and welcome,

You have to start the Trial Period. Do so from Actions (or maybe other?) eLCC menu, please.

Thanks martin for your reply,
I have tried what you told me, but the “start license usage period” button is off(not lighted, i can’t use it) from Actions eLCC menu.

I wonder, the message is about Cubase 9, not Cubase 9.5.

Is your USB-eLicenser registered?

My USB-eLicenser is registered for Cubase 8 and not for Cubase 9, so if i am not wrong, i must have the Cubase 9 version registered so i can access the 9.5 trial version for free?

No, if your USB-eLicenser is registered with your MySteinberg account, then it’s OK. Once you activate a new license, it’s updated on the server too.

What this could be?

I think that i have clicked finish activated license by mistake, after activating the license because when i launch cubase 9.5 and put the activation code sent by mail, it saids that my activation code is already in use and i need a valid one, and the activation code does not appear in my steinberg account although it appears in my eLCC

Please take a look at the picture in the first message, my USB-eL is registered with my MySteinberg account, and i have downloaded the new license for Cubase 9.5 trial using the activation code sent by mail to my eLCC(as shown in the picture) however when i launch Cubase 9.5 it saids to activate Cubase 9

Yes, I noticed this. This is really wierd.

It’s working like it’s supposed to.

Just click Start Cubase Pro 9.

I have already tried it, when i click Start Cubase Pro 9, it will crash on startup

I see, then it’s something else.

Do you have NVIDIA graphic card or graphic chip?

Yes i have GTX 550 Ti

When i open Cubase 9.5, it will launch for 1 second and then nothing happens

i have win7 ultimate 64 bit, core i7-3930k, 16gb Ram, 180SSD, 4TB HDD,GTX 550Ti

In this case, search the forum and Steinberg Knowledge base articles for NVIDIA, please. There is an issue with a driver. You have to down- or upgrade the driver.

Okay, Thank you very much for your help.

Please can you tell me how i can remove the cubase 9.5 trial license from my eLCC, the Remove License button from Actions eLCC menu is off(i can not use it).
Thx in advance