Cubase 9.5 trials available

Hi all,

The trial versions of Cubase Pro 9.5 and Cubase Elements 9.5 are available for download on our website as of now.

Cubase Trials

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I am having same problem…

Thanks Matthias! I’ve been bashing away most of today with it! (Even though it’s my birthday…)

Hi Matthias,
I’m new to Cubase, I’ve downloaded the Cubase Elements 9.5 trial version and unsuccessfully trying to install and reinstall it for a few days already :frowning:. I’ve got the activation code and entered it in the eLicenser. I’ve registered it in the Steinberg site but under my Soft-eLicenser number it states that “No products found on this eLicenser”.
When I start the Cubase program, it starts the HUB, but only the news section, no project section starts.
And my trial period expires, meantime…
What I did wrong and how to fix it?
Thank you in advance,

Try reinstalling.

If I install the new update (9.5.10) will it affect my trial status or prevent me from using the rest of my time?


Hi friends!

Do you know if Cubase 9.5 works with this elicencer?

I am on mach OS 10.13.3 and want to try Cubase as an alternative to my current DAW Studio One have downloaded 9.5 and update the soft elicencer got the activation code by email and can I get the thing to install No! have got as far as inputting the activation code and using the Control centre but cant get past that point keep getting message saying no soft elicence available and that need USB Is so complex and frustrating i am at the point of giving up but would like to have one last try I have uninstalled and reinstalled things but still no joy any suggestions?? other software makers seem to have a much simpler process Help please!