Cubase 9.5 update > import settings from Cubase 9


Does anybody know how you can easily import settings from Cubase 9 into Cubase 9.5? So I can get a smooth start. For example:

  • Key Commands
  • Template Projects
  • Preferences

I’ve tried to safe a key command preset in 9, and import this in 9.5 but I get an error (‘This is not a key commands file!’).
fyi: I’m using Windows.

Thanks in advance,

Use profile manager. Export your profile to a file and then import it to your new Cubase

Done > no effects or what so ever…

Done > no effects or what so ever…

What effects?

Sorry ‘no effect’ or what so ever. No settings are imported, no templates, no key commands, no nothing

Then you are doing something wrong…
Open Cubase.
Go to profile manager.
If you did not create a profile, then create one now.
Activate it.
Test it with a temp project that your key commands are working.
Go again to profile manager select it and press export.
Go to your new Cubase >profile manager>import this file> and ACTIVE IT.
You should be ready to go.

edit: i just did a test. If you did not create a profile and there is only the default profile, duplicate it>rename and then export

ok perfect thanks, everything works now! only 1 thing left: saved presets of vst’s -> any idea how I can import those all at once? thanks again!

Question: How do you actually save your current profile? The functions aren’t really intuitive, but I’m assuming that once you “Active” it saves the current settings to the profile?

@MelvinAarden, this link will solve that problem:

Just copy the files you need across to the eqiuvalent folder in 9.5.