Cubase 9.5 update installer shuts down. Windows 10


The Cubase 9.5 pro update (from Cubase 9) 64bit installer won’t run past the “Please wait while the installation program is intializing” screen (photo I had installed it before but then uninstalled it. The only change in my computer was a recent Windows 10 update that seems to be causing problems for a lot of people. I have installed the latest Steinberg USB driver and also tried installing the program with the driver uninstalled. I have also tried downloading the installer a second time and I have performed maintenance on the eLicencer, but no luck. Other Steinberg products seem to install without a problem. Since the update, I’ve installed HALion Sonic SE and Halion Symphonic. Does anyone know what the problem might be?

Thank you


Can you run the installation as an Administrator, please?

I had that problem and I found it it was the Windows update that was causing the issue. I have gone back one update and had no problems after that. Don’t let windows reupdate, or you’ll run in circles. Pause updates and write a comment to windows about their updates messing up your program and name the program specifically. They need to stop messing with a good thing.