cubase 9.5 update?!


looking for cubase 9.5 latest update but are there any problems with the plugins, workflow, crashes…etc?


There’s no update for 9.5 yet, maybe during the first half of december.

If you’re talking about buying 9.5, the crashes only seem to affect a small number of users.

Don’t you think it shouldn’t be at all? I purchased C9.5 update + HS3 and can’t use them and I have to admit it’s OS Windows fault. right? So what about C9 which worked perfect? Are there extremal changes in OS which don’t allow to work C9.5, HS3? What happened suddenly?

Please don’t hijack other people’s threads. You should try contacting Steinberg support directly through your MySteinberg.

well i think i will wait :smiley: thanks

Romantique Tp, why do you think you are entitled to instruct me?