Cubase 9.5 will not reactivate newly downloaded and installed 64 bit VST3

The 64 bit VST3 is blacklisted in Cubase 9.5 and will not reactivate, the cubase bombs out and i have to restart it
I have cubase 9.5 and normal i have no problems
can anyone help


Are you on Windows or Mac? Which version, please?

Do you run Cubase as 64? (I forgot, if Cubase 9.5 was also both 32-/64-bit).

Which plug-in exactly is it?

Hi Martin,
I am on Mac 10.15.7
The plugin is called Vaults 64bit from “the crow hill company” Christian Hansen from Spitfire
its a VST3 plug in and it shows in the plug inn manager as blacklisted if i try and reactivate it my mac book pro bombs out
Regards James


OK, then you are definitely running the 54-bit Cubase version.

Then it’s good, the plug-in is blocklisted, otherwise it could cause Cubase crashes.

Please, make sure the plug-in is:

  • compatible with the system, you are using,
  • up to date (or the latest compatible update).

If it remains, get in contact with the plug-in vendor, please.

Hi Martin,
sorry! i am in actual fact using my mac mini and its only on 10.13.6
and the Vaults plugin requires 10.15 so it won’t work

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