Cubase 9.5 Will Run under Catalina

I could write a small book on my adventures with purchasing a new iMAC and attempting to load Cubase Pro 9.5 onto it running Catalina, but that would take up too much space. Long story short, for those who despise the the GUI and more specifically the Transport Bar on Cubase 10 - 12, there is hope. Cubase 9.5 is not supported on macOS Catalina but it will run provided you adhere to a couple of quirks. DO not attempt to open a project using the file menu in Cubase, or it will crash. You can create a new project and safe it. as long as it shows up in your recent files in the hub, it will load an operate If you need to open an older project that is not visible in hub, do not start Cubase. Instead, find the file on your computer wherever it is stored and double click on it ( or right click and select open with…) Cubase 0.5 will start and the project will open.
Lastly, i really hope that Steinberg here it’s users and will include a feature in future versions to allow us to choose the old Transport panel and other GUI effects that were present in 9.5.50.