Cubase 9,5 with TouchOSC remote control

using C9.5 on Win10 with TouchOSC running on my iPad.
i can make the connection from iPad to Win PC no problem. when i open Midi-Ox i can see that Touch OSC controller and midi changes are arriving on the PC.
in C9.5 TouchOSC is showing as a Midi input as expected.
however, no data is arriving on the instrument track in Cubase! (TouchOSC selected as Midi IN on track). no Midi receive on Midi indicator.

anybody able to help?



Can you see incoming MIDI data to Cubase?

you will need to make a Generic Remote in Studio Setup. I have attached a pic. My TouchOSC is Generic Remote 3. You will then need to match a layout made in TouchOSC editor to the Generic Remote template. I basically started from scratch with what I needed for setting up the .xml file and touchosc file needed. In the TouchOSC editor, you will need to assign a midi control change to each button, then transfer that template to your iPad. Then you need to make a corresponding Control line in the Generic Remote and match it with MIDI learn.

Actually bit of a process. Unfortunately the Steinberg forum wont allow me to attach my remote.xml file that I generated, nor can I attach my TouchOSC template file. Both of those would give you a bit of a start. if you PM’ed me, i could send them.


I tried to attach my TouchOSC template layout in the other post. Hopefully, here it is

If you are using the MIDI Device as a Generic Remote, then the data are not sent to the track. You cannot control Cubase and record the data at the same time from one device.

Are their differences in TouchOSC between full size iPad and iPad minis?

probably only in the size of the layout that you want to develop. Of course the full size iPad can present a lot more options. Your layout can be edited in the TouchOSC editor to reflect your requirements.

Hello. Is your Touch OSC Template suitable for android?

I have only used it with iPhone/iPad connecting to my daw computer which is Win10. Do you know if TouchOSC is compatible with Android? If it is, then the template I use may be a starting point. Have you gotten your phone/surface to connect with your computer? If yes, I could send you my TouchOSC file and my Cubase xml file.

hi there, I am new in Touch OSC world, yet you template for Cubase caught my eye. IS there a place I could download it?