Cubase 9.5 Wont Start on Win 7 64bit

Hello All,

Just updated from Cubase 9 - 9.5 but I cannot get 9.5 to start. It crashes at “loading GUI resources” i.e. the Cubase splash box disappears at this point and when I look in windows task manager cubase 9.5.exe is gone. Also my older Cubase 9 (which is still installed on same machine) runs fine no issues

So what I did was I tried installing the upgrade from 9 - 9.5 installer but when started up Cubase splash screen disappears at “loading GUI resources” as mentioned above.
I then de-installed 9 - 9.5 update and then installed from full 9.5 installer - same problem.

I also tried to install new elicenser but still getting the same problem even after “Perform Maintenance Tasks”.

I also tried running Cubase in safe mode (pressing control, shift & alt) and tried all 3 options it gives you but none worked.

I also tried trashing Cubase preferences folder - still the same. I then tried trashing preferences again and then renamed all other older Cubase preferences folders so to force it to create fresh preferences but its crashes in same place. I did notice when I did this it crashed at “importing factory presets”

Anybody got any ideas?!

My PC specs are; Win 7 Ultimate Service pack 1, 16 GB Ram, i7-4770 CPU.


Same specs as you and running fine here.


please, make sure Windows 7 is updated and that this specific package is installed:

It should work then.

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That specific package update solved my problem here. Thanks so much!

Thank you so much as this update solved my issue!

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Hi Hi

I download the windows update of " Fabio Bartolini" posted link and Just I say, you bro is the best!!.. my problem and the same with the others, work very fine, men I save my life!!

Thanks Again!


Not work for me :frowning:

I’m suffering the same issue. 9.5 full version, fresh install on a fresh Win7, full updated.
Elicencer v 6.10 does not work, but v 6.7 does.
I’ve been brick walled 4 times during the installation but got through them, and now at the point that is just stops after the splash screen “loading GUI resources”.
After now 8 hours attempting this install, I’m giving up unless someone can suggest something. Worst experience ever.

Hi all,
After two days of immense frustration, I have successfully loaded Cubase 9.5 Pro on two machines running Win 7 Pro.
I installed Win 7 Pro from scratch on a fresh install, formatted disk.
Once installed, you need to run through all the Windows Update until completely updated. This involved 11 rounds of updates and took some 8 hours to complete. There is one package of 193 updates, that took four hours alone.
You know you are done when manually selecting “Check for updates” and after windows searches, it comes back with “Windows is up to date”

From there, installing Cubase 9.5 should take 15mins max.
Install Cubase 9.5 (i restarted after install)
Plug in Elicencer
Run Elicencer
Do the maintenance check and make sure you licence is loaded. Close.
Run Cubase.

Cubase 9.5 is particular to have every Windows update in place, else it just won’t start up.

My computer specs are Intel Core2 Duo, E6750, 2.66Ghz, 4GB Ram, Win 7 Pro. This PC is over 10 years old and handles it perfectly.


I had the same issue. Cubase would crash with a weird elicenser error. Installing the package fixed it!

God bless you Fabio!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: