Cubase 9.5 workflow

Hi there :smiley:

Been a while since learning and playing around with Cubase, since June this year,in between my day job.And yet I can’t find a workflow that works for me. Thinking in terms of the different window options etc.
I will have a look around in the manual and a couple of videos,but any advice would be grateful

Customization would be the answer,but I’m not entirely sure what i should start with, :laughing:

Any advice would be appreciated

Hi Ambientdave,

This is actually like asking “how can I wright a good song”?

I wish I could tell you a few buttons to press and be happy ever after with Cubase, but unfortunately it’s not that simple… It’s digging in and learning, fumbling while finding your own way. There’s no easy shortcuts to mastering Cubase. You’ll have to learn it yourself and In the process of learning you’ll automatically find the workflow that fits you best. If you’re not willing to put in this work you might as well quit now!

In between music as a hobby,I have a day job,so much of my time is spent on that.The little time I do have is learning Cubase,All I was asking,for is peoples opinions about workflow etc
I am in the process of figuring out my own workflow,but would have liked some general pointers.There is of course a lot to learn in Cubase.

I think a lot of it depends on the type of music you’re writing/recording? Are you recording real instruments and vocals or is it all programmed? Are you using outboard gear? How many tracks on average? etc, etc…

I’ve been using Cubase since the Atari days of the late 1980’s and though obviously my workflow has changed with the program I think it’s still changing as I continue to find new and more efficient ways to record and mix. I wouldn’t be without my templates but they too are fluid.

Hi bud
Thanks for replying
Ok so as mentioned I’m making music as a hobby…I tend to make ambient styles of music,so its mainly composing etc.
I have been using Cubase for only a few months, June this year,in fact…so my knowledge,working in Cubase is very limited at the minute

A large proportion is programmed,and writing using my big collection of VST libraries and of course the new and upgraded Omnisphere 2.5
I don’t have outboard gear,as I live in a trailer home (mobile home here in the UK) so space is very tight.And tend to work from my Akai MPK249 keyboard,and the Cubase editors
I will have a look at various workflows,though Youtube videos and experiment see what will work for me, I think as you suggested templates would be a great idea!
There are a lot of great options in Cubase, for workflow ,much more than my previous Daws

Following this as I want to start using cubase to make music, as opposed to recording (what I’ve been doing since forever). My first ideas are to draw up melody snippets, then use chord pads and take it from there, but as I said I follow in the hope of getting more ideas:)

Hi Strummer :smiley:

Yeah,nice idea.
What I have discovered in my voyage of discovery,is that you can set up several track versions,of a master track you are working on.Also you can set up different workspace huh? :smiley:
Like an ideas one (sketch pad), one for mixing,etc.You can set up a Global one,or a Project Workspace.You can of course name them,and Cubase will automatically add a shortcut for you.
Not as yet used these to make a complete track as yet ,but have seen a couple of Youtube videos showing this idea
And not to mention the great online manual for help too,

This topic is about workspaces,found this on Youtube,this will give you an idea,hope it helps

It wasn’t meant as a scorn. I just wanted to let you know that there’s no easy way in mastering Cubase. My workflow is of no use to you if you’re just started out using it. And I can’t just simply tell you what my workflow is because it all depends on the demand? It depends on the project I’m working on? And it also depends on what music you want to make with what plugins or external gear? I’ve been using Cubase since 1990 and a lot has changed since. Back then it was only midi with external gear. Nowadays for me it’s more audio/plugins and sometimes external midi gear. Working with external devices you’ll have to know more about how midi works. And that’s another thing you’d have to master. Working with plugins usually involves patch changes and CC’s to control filters ect. Working with external synths brings a little extra like system exclusive.

The only thing I can give you after you’ve covered the ground is to make templates.Templates can instantly load a set of instruments/tracks that you tend to use in your work. I have them for rock/pop/jazz but I also have them for orchestral/cinematic projects. It will give you a good starting point for the type of project you want to start. But again, you first need to figure how to use Cubase to start with? And that’s something you will have to do for yourself.

Hi Nickeldome
No harm done bud :smiley:
I have read your post and taken on board,your advice.I have some experience with other Daws, coming from FL Studio and Ableton Live,so this knowledge will be applied while working with Cubase
Naturally I’m in no rush,as music making is a hobby for me (as others in this forum I guess)
Main focus is to look at how to create my own workflow,and as you suggested templates,in the near future.

With regard to creating templates, somewhere on Cubase’s YouTube channel there’s a Greg Ondo video of how to create Templates from existing projects using a macro. I’m having problems with the macro at the moment but sure it worked in the past and very useful for quickly building a Template from a large project set-up.

Great idea,I shall look out for Gregs tutorial on that,thanks Planarchist!

This really is a wide open question and there have been some good replies.

Keep in mind Cubase is by far much more feature-rich than FL or Ableton. It’s not better or worse, but has many more features available if you choose to use them. It’s used in so many different ways by different groups of users unlike FL or Ableton. T

With that said it would also help knowing the size of your video monitor and number of video monitors. The workflow of a laptop user can be totally different than someone with 3 34-inch ultra-wides. However Workspaces feature can benefit both users, and I suggest reading about that.

Workflow is also dependent on use of a DAW controller, and tools such as Metagrid, which is much quicker and more efficient than using key commands.

Greg Ondo is a good place to start.

Good luck!

Hi Greggybud
Thank you for your kind words of wisdom :smiley:
.Cubase having some many features is one of many reasons for joining the Cubase family.
I work off two LG LCD 18.5 inch widescreen monitors (measured diagonally on the screen,he,he),so that gives me a lot of scope,of course running off a Windows 7 PC. I really like the huge variety of musicians,hobbyists,and professionals who use Cubase,and the huge variety of ways Cubase can be customised :smiley:
Really enjoy Greg Ondo videos and when I get a chance his live Q and A sessions