Cubase 9 And Serato Sample? Anyone?

Hi All,
Until the inception of Serato Sample, Serato Pitch n Time was proprietary to Mac and Pro Tools users. The Serato Sample is now offered as a VST so that it is compatible with any DAW that supports them. I have downloaded a trial version but am having trouble with its full operation.
Has anyone in Cubase land tried this plugin?


I’ve not used this but it sounds like Groove Agent SE 4 and the Sampler Track should be able to do many (if not all) of the same things.

Thanks for the hit.
The main reason I wanted Serato was to pitch up/down a full stereo track. Serato does it with no artifacts or degradation. I probably wouldn’t go past 2 steps in either direction.
Does Groove Agent or the sampler track accomplish that? The original Serato does it also without changing formant but this sampler version does change that a bit.

I don’t know how they compare but Sampler Track’s AudioWarp could give you good results. You’ll have to experiment with it.

If all you want is to apply pitch shift, the offline pitch shift in Cubase is actually really good (MPEX 4 based). I’ve seen many people claim that this was better than the pitch shift in Pro Tools.

Wavelab Elements uses the successor to MPEX, Zynaptiq’s ZTX. It might be worth it to give the trial version a try, though unfortunately it gives you less algorithms to experiment with compared to Wavelab Pro.

Thanks for the optional ideas Romantique Tp. I will experiment with all you mentioned.

Well, I’m down to experimenting with Wavelab when I get a chance. Both Groove Agent and Sampler Track do a great job of pitching up/down but unfortunately, they also change the tempo proportionately when doing so. I’ll also experiment with pitch shift offline. I’ve never done anything in Cubase offline. How do I achieve that?

You need to enable the AudioWarp setting when working with the Sampler Track to make it retain the original audio length.

For offline processing, select the audio in your project and pick Audio -> Processes -> Pitch Shift from the menu at the top.

Thanks much Romantique Tp!

Ok, I tried the trial version of Wavelab Elements, Sampler Track, Pitch Shift Offline and Groove Agent 4. Whether they had the ability to shift down and keep the same tempo or not, they still weren’t as clean as Serato. Serato is just using a different architecture that has a superior quality when pitched down or up. I wish Wavelab sounded as good because it has more benefits for the same price.