Cubase 9 crashes on exit...EVERYTIME!!!!!!

EVERYTIME i open a project no matter how big or small…or how many plugins i load or if i dont use any plugs at all when i close the project i get a “Cubase Has Stopped Working” error and have to restart the entire application. This is really messing up my workflow… :imp:
PS_i did not have this issue with 8.5

Intel i7 6850k running @ 4.3
Strix X99 Gaming MB
32 gigs DDR4
Gigabyte GTX 980 Ti
C9 crash error.jpg

Try to set the compatibility of Cubase 9 to Windows 8
This seems like the “MSVCP120.dll” Problem (See: )
You can look this up in the Windows events Log

Out of interest have you got ableton installed?

or maybe you have Slate VMR of older version?