Cubase 9 Crashes Upon Opening (blacklisted plugins?)

I upgraded to Cubase 9 and noticed it put some legitimate 64 bit plugins that I had paid for on the blacklist such as plug-ins from Izotope, FXpansion, and Celemony Melodyne. I tried taking some FXpansion plugins off the blacklist and Cubase 9 crashed instantly. I tried re-opening it and it crashed instantly. It crashes every time I try to open it. I even installed the update and tried reinstalling, but it still crashes. What do I do? I submitted a support ticket to Steinberg already, but I’m afraid they won’t respond anytime soon. Help please. I am running on Max OS 10.11.
EDIT: I took the plugins (that I had tried removing from the blacklist) out of their respected folder and put them back in one by one and as well as starting up Cubase each time. Cubase didn’t crash until I tried putting FXpansion Amber back in it’s folder. I will try contacting FXpansion about Amber. But I also still have many plugins on the blacklist that I’m afraid to try and remove out of fear of Cubase Crashing such as: Auto-Tune, Melodyne, various Valhalla reverb plugins, and GRM Tools plugins.