Cubase 9 crashes with: steinberg ur 44 (sound card)

I upgraded from cubase 8.5 artist to cubase 9 pro … and so far so good … for a month I bought a sound card: steinberg ur44 and I can not start cubase 9 pro … he crashes …

.I use a mack with operating system: OSX EL CAPITAIN VERSION 10.11.6 …



Install the latest UR44 drivers and Tools, please.

If it doesn’t help, share the crash file located in macOS utility Console, please.

hallo martin tankh tank you for answer by ivan milan

I have installed Cubase AI 9.5.30 with the latest Firmware and Tools. When opening Cubase it asks me if I want to switch from Built-In audio driver to Steinberg UR44…when choosing yes the program crashes every time. I am running OSX 10.13.6 on an iMac. This has become an extremely terrible user experience in my option. I have had nothing but trouble with this DAW interface.


Make sure you have really the very latest driver installed. Share the crash file (located in macOS Utility Console), please.

hello everyone I cubase 9 pro on mac osx 10.11 (el capitain) with steinberg ur 44c sound card, and two days that cubase closes unexpectedly, by chance I have to update the drivers of my sound card, and if you what and how should I do, thank you for the answer


You can download the latest TOOLS (which includes the latest driver and other needed software) here.

i will try thank a lot…grazie mille

hi martin excuse the disturbance,but do I first have to uninstall the tool I already have and then proceed to install the latest drivers? another question I saw that the drivers refer to osx 10.12 onwards, but I have osx 10.11 el capitain, I can still download thanks for the answer by ivan from milan

hello sorry ignorance and possible that elicenser control center is old and i have to update it and if you, I have to take off the old one


I’m not really sure macOS 10.11 is supported. This might be the issue in fact.

You don’t need to uninstall the driver or the TOOLS before you install the update.

hello I will explain and hope to make me understand:
I have a mac osx 10.11 el capitain, I use cubase 9 pro, and a steinberg ur 44c sound card
from one day cubase I crash when I open only and asclusively a trance electronic music project (which I have been working on for 2 months and containing about 180 beams, almost all wav files).
the strangeness and that opening other projects (with much less traccie)I have no problems,
another strange fact and that opening the TRANCE project with Cuba 8.5 I have no problem.
I tried to turn off and not use the sound card, but cubase crashes both with active sound card and without sound card, and i repeat it crashes only with the TRANCE project
could steinberg’s eLicenser control center have to do with it?
do I have to update it? what if you how?
or update the sound card drivers? (but I repeat also not using the cuban sound card goes crashing)

sorry and thank you for the answer by ivan from milan

thank martin


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Share the *.crash dump file, we could find out, what is crashing.
Mac: macOS Console utility > User Reports folder or Crash Reports in macOS 10.15 (or ~user/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports).

Sorry I answer later… Thank for support… Or the moment my Cubase is ok

For the moment my Cubase is ok

good morning sign jirsak i am ivan from milan-italy i’m back here forthat

I have again cubase 9 pro that crash: I summarize them to make it understand

have mac osx 10.11 el capitan (i5, 8 gb ram, 250 giga hard disk)

d.a.w. cubase 9 pro, and steinberg ur 44c.

Cubase works me jerky it’s been slow for some days and some time crash

I tried to disconnect the sound card and only work with the internal one but it’s slow-cpu crash the same

They told me that your ur 44c hasn’t gone with osx10.11, but I’ve been using ur44c with osx10.11 for 2 years , anyway now i updated and switched to os 10.12 which is compatible with ur 44c

And a cubase problem? and if you what should I do?

i already done now i have os 10.12 i have up date osx from 10.11 to 10.12 and update driver ur 44c

Already i update cubase 9…

But i have same problem

cubase works jerky and and slow and sometimes crashes,never in the last 4 years…my mac is like new, always in my studio and never surfed on web

nothing happens when I crush the 3 keys at the same time: cmd+shift+alt

I can uninstall it and then reinstall it?

Thank you for your answer


Could you please attach any *.crash file, as I described above?

Hi Mr Martin sorry I answer late but I found resolve problem and now everything is ok… I update osx11 to osx12. And I update driver ur44c for osx 12… I bought from China a fucking hub usb and it crashed my Cubase… Now also I changed hub… Thank for your professionalism interesting. Thank Grazie by Ivan from Milan