Cubase 9 Crashing on Exit?

Hey guys, new here.

So iv been using Cubase for a long time since 5.

What i noticed is that when i install Live 9 on my pc Cubase started to crash on exit.

When i removed live 9 cubase was fine.

Also other solutions was to remove the rewire.dll located in common files in C drive

And renaming some Visual C dll don’t remember the correct name of it as i saw the post elsewhere.

Is there like any solution besides removing the DLL, removing LIVE or renaming the visual c DLL?

If i rename the Visual c dll it Massive will stop working and all the native instrument vsts so that is not a solution any clues?



This is an known issue. Ableton Live installs the ReWire.dll to the place, which makes Cubase crashing while quit.

Hey thanks… so i guess i have to remove rewire.dll

Is there a place where rewire.dll can be installed so that you can have Cubase, Ableton and programs like Reason all working properly? Is it just the rewire.dll file in the Ableton folder you need to delete?




Cubase installs the component to the safe folder. So you can remove the component from the folder where does Ableton install it and it should work.

Have you tried File> Close, File> Quit (or better yet, their KCs)? I’ve never had a prob, including no hangs on exit, doing that.