cubase 9 download or not in my case.

Hi Guys
I have been trying to download Cubase 9 upgrade for days. (Since Monday 14th/Aug/17)I have raised a support call but no answer as of yet. Is there a problem downloading that anyone can tell me about?

I have 200mb/s my end, yet the server has been dribbling me 50kb/s. I had two downloads that got to nearly 4gb before the server terminated the download with a “permission denied” being reported when I tried to restart the download.

I have googled the problem but no-one appears to be flagging it up.

I reported it Tuesday no answer from support yet.

I had a similar issue some years ago - and main problem is that links for the downloads expire in some hours - so time and bandwidth you were using was all to waste. Download took so long so links expired.

But was in luck another day in the early hours 4-5 A.M. and then it went like a rocket. So that is best advice I can give.
If you get an estimate of 3-4 hours, just abort since it is probably just a waste.

Thanks Larioso, I kind of guessed that was the case but had a concern that there was something that could be done some how! I will keep on trying.

Free Download Manager can open multiple connections to the download server, which will usually speed up the download considerably. I always use it when downloading full installers from Steinberg.

Thanks Romantique I looked at the manager and is says that it will speed up ten times which at 50kb/s still would only be 500kb/s so thats about 50 hours plus :frowning: which is pants!
Thank you for replying though!

No, it should be less than 5 hours but I doubt it will go that slowly.

I think Steinberg could make torrent downloads for people like me from deep… nowhere…