Cubase 9 Elements - Crashes During Startup

I have just installed Cubase 9 Elements.

Before installing I uninstalled older version of Cubase and all plugins, just in case.

The program has never successfully started. It stops working when the load screen gets to “VST Mixer”. I uninstalled it and reinstalled without applying the update. Same result.

I would really like to use this software that I just purchased! Any ideas?

Hi and welcome,

Most often this happens with some incompatible plug-in. Are you sure you really uninstalled all of them?

Could you use Safe Start Mode or trash a preferences of Cubase (all versions and derivatives you find), please?

Still having this issue…I reinstalled Windows 7 Pro, and have reinstalled Cubase 9. The same thing occurs, crashes during VST Mixer stage of program loading. Needless to say there are no older versions of Cubase or any plugins present.

My system is as follows:

MB: ASUS Tuf X299 Mark 2
CPU: i7-7800x

I have seen others having issues with the X299 chipset - does anyone have any solutions?


Do you have NVIDIA graphics card?

Yes, graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce 210

Try these articles.

Thank you Martin,

I read through the articles and tried a few things with no success:

  • I have started with a fresh Windows Install
  • disabled almost every feature in my GPU control centre
  • replaced GPU drivers with several older versions, installing only the core Graphics drivers as per the article linked
  • All Windows updates have been completed
  • Run e-licenser update and maintain as administrator

Link to my most recent crash dump file is here if that will give any clues…



This is Cubase 9.0.2. Update to the latest Cubase 9.0.30, please. If the crash is still here, send me a new crash dump, please.

Updated, and latest crash dump is linked below:


The crash is very same, as it was with Cubase 9.0.2. Something is wrong with internal plug-ins. Could you try reinstall from the Full Installer/ISO and trash Cubase preferences, please?

Uninstalled everything, trashed all preferences. Reinstalled, same crash behaviour:

Thank you for the info.

Unfortunately, it’s still the same crash.

Apologies for resurrecting this old post, but I have just now looked at the debug dump file that d_rizz attached and it does seem to be the same type of crash as seen in this thread: Cubase 9.5 crashes when initializing VST Mixer. That, and the hardware configuration seems to fit the profile of the Intell IPP problem as well (Win 7, Skylake-X CPU).

I at least want to link these 2 threads, so they refer to each other in case anyone else can be helped by the info. Not sure if we consolidate threads in this forum for the same problem or not, but if so, that might be useful in this case.

As far as I know, there is already did from Intel. And the latest Windows 7 update should fix the issue (most probably).